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Philip Lamachio here. I am the primary instructor here at ASPR.

I started my career in plaster repair in 1985 and have made it a mission to develop my skills to be not only the best in what I do, but in light of the fact that very few who pursued this work did it very professionally, my goal was to have a professional business presence as well.

I jealously guarded my secrets from would-be competitors for years, fearing the possiblity of growing competition until.....I reached a point in my business where I really had no competition that threatened me.

Over the years the realization that what I knew was in very short supply became painfully apparant and I kicked around the idea of starting a plaster repair training school... with the help of several design agencies, I spent thousands of dollars and many hours trying to put the appropriate website together, but had no success.

Fortuntely, the Wix platform, which I was already familiar with, had finally advanced to the point that I could achieve what I imagined, so here we are!

It is my sincere desire to help each and every one of you achieve success in this field much more quickly than I did!

Not only am I eager to share my insights about plaster repair and how to succeed in this business with you, but I look forward to your massive success!