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Now Offering:
 Plaster Repair Training for Contractors! 

  • Do you have projects that require plaster repair?

  • Can't find a qualified plaster repair pro locally? 

  • Want to save         and $$$ on your next project

                                                               involving plaster repair?

                                                             I have your solution!




     Hi, my name is Philip Lamachio. With over 35 years of experience in the field of plaster repair,  I can quickly train your crew to handle the most common plaster repair issues with skill and confidence!

I have trained dozens of workers over the years in highly specialized, tried and true secret skills that I have learned throughout my professional life. 

I can get your crew up to speed quickly with the unique techniques, proper materials and easiest tools to repair common plaster problems, saving you time and money by not having to schedule an outside professional for every project! 


To learn more about our services, contact us today.


Contractor Reviews: 


" I am a contractor who specializes in renovations.

I had Philip come to our location for an onsite training. We learned so much in such a short time! Philip demystified how to properly repair plaster. As renovation contractors, we encounter old plaster walls quite often.


I always thought I had to bring in a specialist to handle plaster repairs or alternatively rip out the plaster and replace it with drywall. I personally would much rather keep the plaster when possible due to its beauty and durability.


We now are confident and enabled to handle most plaster repairs that we may encounter. Being able to do it in-house is going to help our jobs run more smoothly.


Not many of our local plaster companies even want to tackle repairs. Most would like to just do new walls and for many clients, that is not [always] an option. I not only learned new valuable skills but also gained a new very profitable and sought after niche

service for my business.

The training with Philip will easily pay for itself in no time! "

Roberta D'Andrea

PRIME1 Design

Office (814) 472-2196

Cell (814)-322-6476

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